We Find, Verify, and Deliver Auto Insurance Customers

Real Time Prospects

Unlike other aggregators our leads are all produced in house and delivered in real time. We do not buy any leads from other third parties because it is impossible to verify how they were acquired.

Genuine Prospects = Serious Inquiries

Because all of our leads are generated in house you do not have to worry about low quality "candy crush" or "iPhone" leads.

No Contracts

Because our leads are real time prospects it makes no sense to tie up money with things like deposits. You are only charged for leads that you receive.

Customer Service

Best in class customer service that's always on your side and a no-hassle return process.

Stay in Control

Unlike other aggregators who do not allow pausing and charge a "maintenance" fee, we allow you to tailor your lead delivery to your business. Simply pick your geo locations, daily lead caps, and time of delivery to start receiving leads.

Lead Delivery

Do you use a lead management system such as Velocify? Do you use a quoting engine such as Quoteburst? We can deliver your leads any way you would like.

  • We have used quite a few lead providers over the past 15 years & our results weren't much to talk about. ChimpQuote has exceeded our expectations and though the flow is lighter, the close rate is exceptional.

  • Noel Albert - Daman Associates, Inc.
Guaranteed Quality
Cloud Reliability
Enterprise Security